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2 definitions by Professor Ovaheard

The most badass sport there is.
1. The center of the rubber ball is CONCRETE
2. Native Americans played the sport instead of going to war with other tribes. The losing team was killed.
3. It's the opposite of baseball.
4. The offense players are called Attackmen.
5. Have you seen a good shot at a goalie?
6. One of the fastest sports their is.
7. You carry a weapon at all times.
"You look like a badass"
"Well, I do play lacrosse."

"I couldn't decide if I wanted to get in a knife fight with a samurai or play lacrosse"
"Lacrosse dude, no contest."
by Professor Ovaheard March 05, 2009
46 35
Hardcore drugs such as Cocaine or Heroin.
Named for usually being measured in grams.
"That fool got caught dealin'. I mean we're talkin grams."

"Naw I need some serious shit, like some fuckin grams!"
by Professor Ovaheard March 05, 2009
32 45