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A finger that's typically used to tell people to go to hell and/or to fuck themselves by being positioned upright while the other fingers are facing down inside the palm of the hand.
I don't regard the middle finger as a negative physical gesture; whenever someone flicks me off I always assume they're conveying, "Excuse me kind sir, but I'd like to introduce you to the pleasures of prostate massage." To which I respond, "Why thank you considerate stranger, I gratefully accept your generous offer; please lead the way so we may begin to experiment."
by Professor McBadass July 19, 2011
Something that smells excellent but tastes rather bitter.
Just thinking about cumin overwhelms my body with excitement! I love the smell of cumin! Above all, I love cumin in my food!
by Professor McBadass July 17, 2011
A delicious and nutritious treat that rises the morale of those who feast on it.
The touching story of a blue waffle:
Johnny hit rock bottom when he broke up with his girlfriend, but once he saw his sister's waffle of a vibrant blue his mood completely shifted and his appetite intensified; after Johnny had devoured Sally's blue waffle their relationship changed into something exceptionally special. Sally's selfless act of kindness had effectively strengthened their bond and ultimately transformed her brother into her best friend. As time has gone by, Johnny and Sally have grown even closer and they still share the occasional blue waffle together. Johnny wouldn't want it any other way.
by Professor McBadass July 14, 2011

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