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The act of disguising one's self as a small Japanese Professor of Electronics and floating like a cloud around the room. Very impressive.
What is John doing on the ceiling with that soldering iron?

That's the Tokyo Drift dude.
by Professor John Frink January 09, 2013
A substance in the gas phase at a temperature lower than its critical point but with distinct human characteristics, such as a face or free will.
Willo the wisp, the protagonist from the hit 80s animation of the same name is a classic example of anthropomorphic vapour.
by Professor John Frink January 09, 2013
The opposite of "pinch", especially in reference to gestures on touch screen devices. Where a "pinching" motion is used to zoom in to an image on the device, the opposite "poutching" motion is used to zoom out. Derived from the fact that to "pinch" is to draw the fingers inwards, to "poutch" would be drawing the fingers outwards ("p-IN-ch" - "p-OUT-ch")
Pinch to zoom in on an image on a tablet, poutch to zoom out.
by Professor John Frink November 05, 2014

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