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The philosophy of Ayn Rand, who had one of the leading noses of her era; states that one's virtue is measured in their ability to be a self-obsessed egotist. Easily characterized by their slavish adherence to irony, in that the foloowers of this 'individualistic' (read-spoiled) philosophy tend to be some of the biggest tools you'll ever meet.

Also notable for it's idea that there is no disagreement among rational minds-this is basically the philosophical equivalent of an 8-year-old kid playing Cops & Robbers who totally just got shot, but all of a sudden claims he has "special bullet proof invincibility armor." Whatever, kid. For more, see douchebaggery.
Many over-achieving high-school students, in deeming that their parents are failures, turn to objectivism to feel better about themselves, but they're really just putting off the inevitable.
by Professor Afro May 10, 2006

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