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Snowden |Snˈô'dën|

verb trans.

1. make (previously unknown or secret information) known to others

2. cause or allow (something) to be seen

3. make (something) known to humans by divine or supernatural means
1. Brenda was forced to Snowden Robbie's whereabouts | with clause he Snowdened that Patrick was not actually sick, but merely pretending to
be so that he could escape work.

2. The clouds were breaking up to Snowden a clear blue sky.

3. The truth Snowdened at the Incarnation.

"Bill, what the ****, you just Snowdened me! I told Jen I was too busy Sunday to hang out."

"I ate so much last night I had to take a huge Snowden today."
by Professional Sparrow June 24, 2013

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