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1. Flat-chested whore.
2. A bitchy midget who throws out funny insults which most people can't comprehend because they spell horribly.
3. Hypocrite.
Haha, I beat up that tillymonster on the corner a few minutes ago.
by Professional Series August 23, 2004
1. One who believes they know everything about anything.
2. Cannot spell their name right.
3. Doesn't shut up.
4. Has problems accepting their age.
I love to walk everyday. I pretend to know martial arts and often physically fight with my lover, who I met online. Man, I'm such a purrfect lightening.
by Professional Series August 23, 2004
Retarded whore who has no idea what punctuation and spelling are about. Lies about thier age, like so many others.
"i love bred" - chaise16. Go back to school, dumby.
by Professional Series August 23, 2004
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