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A tv channel that is supposed to be about kids "just like us". Ok.....so they want us to be secret pop stars, who sing songs about how its ok to make mistakes. sure. thats a load of crap. They also want us to have names that rhyme with states. i.e. Hannah Montana (also can be mis-spelled "bitch", it's a common mistake)
Girl #1: Hey! I'm gonna change my name to Fucky Kuntucky!
Girl #2: WTF?! Why?
Girl #1: 'Cause Hannah Montana on disney channel did it!
Girl #2: You are a turd.
Girl #1 (singing badly): Everybody makes mistakes! Everybody has those day! You know, what I'm talkin bout, everybody gets that way! YEEEEEHHHHAAAWWWW!!!!!
by Professersnuggles January 05, 2010
The most useless human invention yet. They are crescent moon shaped plastic that girls, women, and gay men put in their hair to add "fabulous" volume "in seconds". Commenly seen in infomercials, this products comes with a free "tease" comb. They are overpriced and they just make you look like your head is deformed.
Girl #1: Hey! Like my hair?
Boy#1: Oh! I'm so sorry!
Girl #1: Excuse me?!
Boy #1: I feel so badly for you, you have a tumor in your head!
Girl #1: No! I'm wearing one of my Bump-Its!
Boy#1: You look like a Telatubbie.
by Professersnuggles January 11, 2010
A woman who scare children for fun. She knows where they live and enjoys stalking them. When a child is crying in pain, she laughs. Evil. It kinda burns your eyes to look at her. Viewer discretion is advised.

The code-name of any sports coach who you don't like. It's a good code-name because the actual coach will have no idea.
Girl one: "eww our tennis coach is a real coach amy!"
Girl two: "Ikr! she totes burns my eyeballs"
by professersnuggles November 17, 2010

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