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The act of utilizing chewable breath mints and diet soft drink to produce a violent eruption of carbonated water from a vagina. Useful in retrieving items jammed up against cervix during the practice of cannon fodder.
I jammed Mentos and Diet Sprite up her cunt to get her to do an Old Faithful.
by Profane Urbane November 06, 2010
A woman who allows, encourages, or insists on being treated to a helping of cannon fodder during vaginal intercourse.
I was absolutely stunned to know that girl from the subway last week was a real Molly Pitcher.
by Profane Urbane November 06, 2010
Preferred close to a tit fuck by practitioners of a more sadomasochistic persuasion, this includes the female taking a bite of the male's penis while it resides in the interminable winter of a mountain pass. Actual ingestion of any retrieved parts is optional.
I wasn't circumcised until that psycho goth chick I went home with after the rave got all Donner Party on me.
by Profane Urbane November 06, 2010
Panties or other items of intimate clothing as stuffed into a vagina by an erect penis during intercourse/coitus
I took that drunk chick home last night and filled her full of cannon fodder.
by Profane Urbane November 06, 2010

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