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Dialect: Scouse (liverpool uk) Derogatory term: Implication that an individual is homosexual although they are not yet aware of this fact.

Orig. quilt = closet case.

Often used between scouse males during their mating rituals to gain favour with female observers. The intention is to challenge their oponents sexual prowess often resulting in advancement toward physical conflict.
"Get on you... you're a pure quilt you are"
by Prof. L. Inguista September 11, 2006
Shortened form of Go ahead.
Orig. Scouse (Liverpool uk)

1. Provocative term, seemingly goading the recipient toward physical conflict. Although often used to avoid conflict through a display of contempt regarding their threat.

2. Prompting recipient, with a degree of urgency, to carry out an indicated action.
"go ed la.... see what happens"
by Prof. L. Inguista September 11, 2006
Derogatory term relating to natives of Liverpool uk (Scousers) Orig. Cockney rhyming slang (London uk) although widely used across the UK.
Term makes fun of scousers cartoon-like: Character, appearance, use of language and squeeky accents.
"Give them mickey mousers an inch and they take a mile"
by Prof. L. Inguista September 11, 2006
Slang term uk.
Orig. North west (bursting ones bubble)

The act of informing (often the authorities) of another persons actions, having negative consequences for such individual.
"Some cunt has bubbled me to the DSS. I'm fucked I gotta pay it all back to em. I tell ya if I catch the cunt that did it i'm gonna fuck em proper".
by Prof. L. Inguista September 11, 2006
The tyrannical perversion of man's fanatical fear of mortality.

general principle: A set of rules which, should a person adhere to they will transcend to "heaven" and spend expereince eternal happiness. Should said person fail to follow such rules they will spend eternity tormented in "hell". This principle promotes mass acceptance due to its relation to the naturally observed phenomenon of dialectical monism.

Utilised historically to affect social control whilst simultaneously generating profit. Superceeded by the advent of mass media and the illusion of choice. Now utilised by extremists to justify acts of prejudice and intollerance.
"Religion is poison"
by Prof. L. Inguista September 11, 2006
Origin: Scouse (liverpool uk).

The act of grabbing a person by the hair hence adopting a thrashing action to inflict pain and disorientate. Commonly utilised by Liverpudlian females.
"I wigged her kidda.. ya shud of seen it.. minging it was it took me ages to get the grease off me hands... the dirty manc slut"
by Prof. L. Inguista September 11, 2006
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