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a)generic, cheap, shit brand, of inferior quality,

b)off-color, not elegant, not of good quality.
a) 1. Those off brand CDR's I bought completely suck.
2. Look at that fool's fucking shoes, he's always got an off brand on.

b) 1. The comedian's off brand humor offended some of the audience.
2. That dude's off brand bullshit really made me want to kick his ass.
by Prof. HighBrow March 01, 2006
1) THC, herb, weed, skunk, marijuana, dank, green, cannabis, bud, reefer, hydro, smoke-smoke, remedy, Nature's Gift, pot, smoke, grass, schwagg, swag, Herbal Essencess.

2) A container or quantity thereof.
Hey mang, you holdin' any Vitamin T?
I need some Vitamin T, to calm my nerves, son.
Light up that T so we can get fucked-up.
Damn, this stress is gettin' to me, I forgot to take my Vitamin T.
I'll throw yah 20 for some Vitamin T.
Why you got a wild hair up your ass? Foget to take your Vitamin T?
by Prof. HighBrow March 01, 2006
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