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{Fussy} {moaner} {nagger} {hassler}
a nit picker is someone who picks holes in everything you do
by Prof Stretch June 23, 2006
Someone who is a nit picker
heard in conversation.. 'Oi, that bird is a right Gnat Pigeon!'
by Prof Stretch June 23, 2006
shagging a girl with her knickers on

lifting the flange

i gave that girl a right good flanging
by Prof Stretch March 17, 2006
chunky blonde highlights placed amongst darker hair giving the impression of stripes, by someone who foolishly believes they are 'cool' or 'trendy'
this type of female hairstyle is becoming increasingly rare - and seems to be heading for extinction... but when spotted, one should inform all of this glorious sighting by exclaiming 'Badger!'
by Prof Stretch March 31, 2006
noun , an 'elvis' is a joint that has either been badly constructed or attended to.. resulting in prominent 'Sideburns' (i.e. uneven burning on one side during smoking), hence the musical reference.
Much debate rages on the subject of rescuing an Elvis, with the potential waste of cannaboids being a particularly thorny issue
Heard in after party conversation ; 'Sorry mate, its a bit of an 'Elvis', but i'm too wasted man!.. here, take the lighter'
by Prof Stretch July 02, 2006
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