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It's a catch phrase dating back to 1887, when, in a blatant case of favoritism, British Prime Minister Robert Cecil (a.k.a. Lord Salisbury) decided to appoint his nephew Arthur Balfour to the prestigious and sensitive post of Chief Secretary for Ireland.

So "Bob's your uncle" is another way of saying "your success is guaranteed."
You just put these parts together like this, and Bob's your uncle - you have a working model!

You want to go to the stadium? Go straight on until you reach the park, take the first left, and Bob’s your uncle - you're there!
by Pro-Love Girl September 09, 2010
A condition of fear that causes one to be tense, awkward, jittery, and apprehensive, possibly with trembling or excitability, often caused by being uncertain of what dangers may be looming or how to handle them.

For example, teenagers regularly feel nervous when they don't know what an attractive person of the opposite sex thinks of them.
"as nervous as a leaf in a tornado"

"as nervous as a nun in a sperm bank"
by Pro-Love Girl April 25, 2010
A frequently-used discreet word for "masturbating". It may be used in reference to a male or female, and it also may be used when it is done by oneself or by someone else.

If you're in polite company, you would use the subtle word "stroking" instead of the blunt terms "masturbating" or "wanking".
Mum: Did you take Charlie his dinner?

Cheryl: No, I couldn't go in. He was busy.

Mum: What do you mean "busy"? If he's busy, you can still take it in, can't you?

Cheryl: No, he needs his privacy. He was, um... busy stroking himself, Mum.
by Pro-Love Girl March 27, 2011
being honest, telling the truth
When he told me about what he had done, I was surprised! I asked him "Straight up?" and he said "Yeah, honest!"
by Pro-Love Girl May 02, 2010
in his fighting spirit and/or drunk
He is usually a little timid when he was talking to his wife, but nobody in the bar can beat him when he's in his cups!
by Pro-Love Girl April 24, 2010
A ning-nong, frequently abbreviated to nong, is someone who has done something stupid or clumsy and has caused a nuisance to others. Although it is can be an insult, it is often used affectionately, especially by Australians.
"Ah Charlie, you're such a ning-nong!" (in reply to a deliberately weak joke.)

Why did you go and invite that ning-nong to our barbecue? He's embarrassing all our guests!

"Stop being such a ning-nong, will you? You're upsetting your sister!
by Pro-love Girl February 18, 2011
An attitude or philosophy that embraces or supports or believes in all forms of genuine committed love and caring, and its sexual expression, whether interracial, gay, incestuous, or any other type of human relationship.
Quote: I challenged him, saying "You say "Love one another". I say, "If a lifelong devotion has arisen in your heart for someone, if your happiness depends on theirs, if your greatest joy is found in doing things together, if you are willing to make sacrifices for their benefit, then what the hell does it matter if they have a different colored skin, or if they have the same genitals, or if they happen to be closely related?" Being pro-love, I had overcome my own prejudice, fear, and negative judgment, and I wanted him to overcome his. End of quote
by Pro-love Girl April 25, 2010

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