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A Sandwich Boy is the term used by the Roman Catholic Clergy to describe a mind control sex slave. The Sandwich Boy programming can be installed in a matter of minutes using subliminal symbols installed in a movie or video. the trigger for the program is a kiss placed upon the victim. The victim is usually startled by an approach and opens his mouth to gasp. The tongue of the handler is inserted into the mouth of the victim and is rubbed on the victim's palette while at the same time a pinch is placed on the back of the neck. After this the Sandwich Boy becomes a sex slave and must do what ever the handler desires because the feeling to climax a sex act is so over-powering much like a heroin addiction, but worse. The handler can present the victim with any task he wishes...maybe deliver a message or perform a robbery. Afterwords, orgasm is promised and upon fulfillment the victim has no memory of events from beginning to end.
Examples of this programming surface in victim accounts of prolonged sexual abuse spanning years which are common within the Catholic Archdiocese as this programming was in the hands of Roman Catholic priests as well as others. A common joke among priests, "never mind the sandwich, just bring me the sandwich boy." Various sandwiches are used in programming for various sex acts.
by Private Investigator August 11, 2012

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