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The most badass musical theatre/literature character possibly ever. Jean Valjean can kill you but, he won't. His kindness drives policemen to the point of suicide. He is like the Hulk but, still rocking a beard. He is made famous from the book/musical: Les Miserables. He adopts an illegitimate child, Cossette and takes her under his wing. Basically, the Chuck Norris of musical theatre with a voice to make the sun cry. Usually played by an actor with a tenor voice-type. Jean Valjean, also, after he was kept a prisoner for 19 freaking years for stealing BREAD, became a mayor. Called the most badass Redemption in The World. Also known as, Prisoner 24601.
"Who am I? I am Jean Valjean! Two-four-six-oh-one!"

"Jean Valjean is nothing now" - as Javert, the policeman, gets his ass whooped.
by Prisoner 24688 July 30, 2011

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