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3 definitions by Princeyanni

Student of law at any ABA accredited law school in the United States and its surrounding territories.

Note: All lawbags are law students, but not all law students are lawbags. But most of them are. Lawbags outrank douchebags in douchebaggery.

Lawbags are known for their knack of committing inane and awkward acts of doucheness while participating in normal every day activities.

Synonyms; Douchebag, middle-school student, immaturity, elitist

See also; Douchebag, douchechills, lawcest
"I'm in law school, wanna fuck?"

"I'm telling on you!" (typical lawbag response to anything)

Lawbags usually introduce themselves as "I'm in law school," before they actually say their names. They always make it a point to make it known they are in the "upper echelon" of society's educational hierarchy.

A signature style of lawbags are their Know-it-all-matter-of-fact debate structure. Lawbags like to argue over the minutest points, in hopes he can impress his audience with his quasi-ability to interject old latin phrases such as "quid quo pro" into laymen conversation.

Lawbags are smarter than you are and they are unabashed to inform you so.

by princeyanni February 19, 2009
noun. Two or more lawbags of the same student body having sexual relations with each other.

See also; Lawbag, Incest
"Wow, did you hear that L3 is boning that L1? That was the worst case of Lawcest I have ever heard of!"

The lawbags do not have to be related. They merely need to be enrolled in the same lawschool.
Because of the nationwide epidemic of lack of attractiveness in the law school student body, this is usually done through an act of desperation by each party.
by Princeyanni February 19, 2009
One who Tweets on the social networking site Twitter.
Wow, did you see Perez Hilton's Tweet yesterday? What a twat!
by princeyanni April 23, 2009