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Just by looking at her you can tell she'd be boring in the bedroom. She's classy, conservative, ladylike and a starfish in bed, only participarting in vanilla sex. She'd be horrified at the thought of giving a blow job. Asking her to partake in some anal action would have her shrieking "You Wanna Put What Where?".
Guy: "Look at that chick, shes fuckin hot!"

Other Guy: "Yeah but she'd be one of those You Wanna Put What Where Girls"

Guy: "Ahh tru dat"
by Princess Tamlyn April 04, 2010
Rolling on the floor laughing my ass off out loud

Funnier than LOL but just as loud
Funnier and louder than ROFL
Louder than ROFLMAO but just as funny
Chick1: I find men with lego hair really attractive
Chick 2: ROFLMAOOL!!!
by Princess Tamlyn March 31, 2010

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