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A dark film surrounding the vagina after sex or exercise or both. Like mascara on the eye but scarier. A hairy, wet, clumpy ring.
Becky: "Geesh Kelly, your twatscara is running!"

Killah Kal: "I couldn't go down on Helen because her twatscara made her cunt look like a bruised shut eye."
#ballscara #gunt #cunt #twat #grape
by Princess Slayah June 21, 2009
A lazy jerk (couch potato) who refuses to get off his ass, lying around with his hand down his pants demanding that his woman fetch him things. Usually a sport of some kind is on the TV, like Nascar. You can spot the dick tater by his sweat stained white ribbed tank top and three day growth of stubble.
Funkstank: Gone'n git me anuther bud, woman, then you can suck on mah dick. I'm watching the daytona fivehunderd! Whooooo!

Cousin Betty: Hold yer horses, ya damn dick tater. I done getted that thar thang I ordered from ebay and I wanna try it on for ya.

Funkstank: Do it now, bitch or I'll give yer ass a tanning. Jump the fuck to it! The dick tater has spoken. Buuuurp.
#dick #tater #couch potato #dictator #dicktater #dictater
by Princess Slayah July 24, 2009
An especially compelling conversation or screen name that triggers intense and short lived reaction in a chat room.
BarbEdoll: Yeah, I can pretty much stick anything down my throat and not puke!

Katie1234: Jeepers, Barb, you know that whenever you bring up your lack of gag reflex it's like chatnip to those horny pervs.

Herpes From Toilet: Sadly, i never knew what those paper thingys in public restrooms were for.

Thaddeus: Lolz, that's gonna cause a flare up of chatnip.
#herpes #chat room #grape #assaholic #twatscara
by Princess Slayah July 17, 2009
Someone who commands another to write up his new addition to the Urban Dictionary. Then, after the definition has been accepted, he demands that it be rewritten because it was not good enough.
Funkstank: I've decided that I don't like this definition of "chatnip". I want you to change it or resubmit a new one.
Go. Now. Do it.

Princess: Um, maybe you should just write it yourself if you want it done right. I'm sick of taking your urban dictation!

Funkstank: When the Urban Dictator makes a direct command, you only do one thing. Jump the fuck to it.
Reason: I am awesome.

Princess: Fine... I mean, yes Sir! (grumble grumble)
#urban dictionary #dictator #dicktater #chatnip #dick #urban dictation
by Princess Slayah July 24, 2009
The debris of little white balls forming on a woman's vagina caused by sloppy wiping technique and poorly made toilet paper. Like spit balls, but urine flavored.
I need to buy better toilet paper, this stuff's giving me clitter!

I had to do a clitter check before eating her out.
#clitty litter #clit #toilet paper #clitorus #twatscara
by Princess Slayah September 15, 2010
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