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Maybe/maybe not, not really sure, a little bit perhaps. Very vague. Sometimes used as a way of allaying questioning, or if just having a really monosyllabic day.

See also 'ish'
Ali: So, you feeling any better yet?
Me: Eh, ish ish
by Princess B August 26, 2006
Filler word such as 'um', 'er' or 'hmm'.
Originally devised whilst under the influence. Can be used when nothing appropriate can be thought of to say.
You: So what are your thoughts on the current economic climate is Gambia?
Me: Pause Blarfkibbs
by Princess B August 26, 2006
See 'Caj'.
Derivation of 'smasual' (shortening of 'smart-casual').

Used when being too damn casual to say the whole word.

Pronounced like first syllable of 'casual'
Me: I'm having a bit of a caj gathering tonight.
You: Dress code?
Me: Smaj.
by Princess B August 26, 2006

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