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4 definitions by Princess*B*

A girl who looks good and knows guys want her but only plays with their mind
David thought Brenda was gonna give him some but she left right when he got all hard..... he got teased.
by Princess*B* September 13, 2004
1348 607
The Pimp ass city of Phoenix Arizona
Phoenix is tight whenu know the right people.
by Princess*B* October 04, 2004
147 36
A girl player. Plays the same games that guys play but plays them better. She doesnt have to have sex with guys to get them to be with her, basically she plays guys like videogames.
B always has more than one man.
by Princess*B* September 20, 2004
175 86
A very SEXY girl who u just wish to have. A lot of guys want her and has a good body. Sexy in general.
David calls Ruby his sexy mama
by Princess*B* September 18, 2004
177 89