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4 definitions by Princepessa

commonly used when too intoxicated to get out mother fucker
move mo fo - rest of words are unable to be verbalize or be understood
by Princepessa August 05, 2005
63 53
Anal cavity that is angry
Jeanine Dephilipo loves rage port and takes it daily by several different boys
by Princepessa August 05, 2005
4 1
When a guy presses his lips against a woman's asshole and forms an air tight seal and extrudes the cum deposit from her anal cavity. You be "PLUNGIN IN DA DUNGIN"
You come home with some dirty whore and she tells you, to suck her pussy - but you rather kiss her ass and go plungin in da dungin and hopefully she won't give you any shit for not sucking her dirty pussy.
by princepessa August 25, 2005
5 9
A boy with a "penis" but acts like a girl with a very large vagina who likes to mind peoples business but refuses to say to directly to the faces of the people they talk about
Joe Grecco talks behind everyone's back because he is a man vagina and can not say it to their faces - not even to a woman that really does have a vagina.
by Princepessa August 05, 2005
22 47