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Adjective describing the state of pure, magical, unconstrained and unconditional love and joy while partaking in Pokemon related activities to the point where your friends, family, and those around believe you to be on drugs - while in reality, you are not.
Look, Phil and James are so pokestoned - they're crying at 'Pikachu's Goodbye'!
#pokemon #stoned #obsessed #obsessive #childhood #anime #videogame #love #trading card game #merchandise #derp
by PrinceVegetasLover July 04, 2011
Verb describing a moment in which you mean to say one thing, but end up saying something completely unrelated based on what you are thinking or what you overheard at that moment in time.
Tidus chickened when he meant to tell Tori that he wanted to play baseball, but instead said that he wanted to play kitty litter after he remembered that he still had to clean out the litter box!
#misconception #words #misunderstanding #thought #brain fart #derp
by PrinceVegetasLover July 04, 2011
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