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The act of feeding continuously throughout a prolonged period of time. Usually involving solid food, but not limited to it.
Continuously doing something involves the term "been doing".
Feeding usually brings to mind "eating".
"been" + "eating" = "beating".

Origin of term:
Legendary members of E46Fanatics.com, neil1138 and Gheybe, created this term during a late night talk over Facebook Chat.
Gheybe: "Hey Neil. I think you are pretty awesome."
Neil: "What is this shenanigans?"
Gheybe: "hahahah
i dont know
wanted to annoy you
how are you man?"
Neil: "hungry
need food naow"
Gheybe: "i KNOWWWW same here
i dont know why"
Neil: "otherwise I'm good"
Gheybe: "ive beating 3 digiornos tonight"
by PrinceShagswell June 30, 2010

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