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Brolygamy is the art of a bro being a part of a group of 3 or more bros, usually found at the gym, mall, or PARTIES.
Bro 1: Hey dude, wanna go shopping...
Bro 2: Dude, we're not women
Bro 1: ...at the OAKLEY STORE?
Bro 4: But first we gotta hit the gym
Bro 1: I like the way you think.
Brolygamy at its finest.
by PrinceAliKingOfDique August 13, 2011
Shoving a dildo up someone's ass, ending with a cumshot to the head.
That guy is pretty kinky...I heard he likes getting The Qaddafi.
by PrinceAliKingOfDique October 30, 2011
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