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Since Apple (apple.com) got the idea that one should be able to control the color in a nice a simple manner the ICC, International Color Consortium (color.org) started shooting in all directions.
A technology that today works quite fine have had years of malfunction and therefore (since it did not work) during these years an army of self proclaimed COLOR GURUS have entered the scene and made up loads of excuses and stupid solutions.
These self proclaimed color gurus have generally speaking created more bad than good and they make sure that they are indispensable.
They are still there, and whenever the color result does not look good they come with loads of funny stories about "out of gamut", "wrong rendering intent" or "you have to edit your ICC (ICM in Windows) profile".
Note that the original idea from Apple was to make it working and to be simple.
The gurus and the crappy softwares they use made color ugly and complicated.
One could say that a technology that need and expert (self proclaimed or not) to work is proof that a technology does not work.
Today it is better. Only a few leading manufacturers left on the market and a few of them, perhaps only one, have made the color gurus redundant.
User: This print does not look like this on my monitor!
Color guru: It must be the rendering, let me edit your profile, twist the crappy profile made in my crappy software so it looks better...
User: Man, you f...ng guru, you make more money on this color managment technology than I benfit from it! Get out of here!
by Prince of Monaco December 16, 2009

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