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He is a disgrace to hip hop what rapper sings a song about licking a fucking lollipop??? I mean come on he is another weird ass rapper that thinks playing with crack is fun. that's why he shot himself because he was high.. He can't rap and his lyrics suck. he makin music now but listen into what he raps about..
Prince Sade: Oh great it's Lil Weedy.
Lil Wayne: Crrrrraacccck crack crack!!!
prince Sade: What that on your lips...Flour?
Lil Wayne: Yeti yeti yeti yeti yeti yeti
Prince Sade: what the fuck are you saying
Lil Wanye: Yeti yeti yeti yeti yeti
Prince Sade: Shut up! you crack fiend.
by Prince Sade June 18, 2009
Nasty ass bitches that would do anything to get some skeet drippings in their mouth.
Hoes: I wnna lick your lollipop.
Man: Excuse me
Hoes: What is that a problem. I want some JUICE...
by PRINCE SADE June 18, 2009
Rednecks are racist ugly weak bastards that swim in their own shit hoping that a black or any other ethnicity can trespass in their property, If i were you if a redneck says something to you shove a Daiper in their mouth.
Prince Sade: Hmmmmmm.....
Redneck: Get off mi property bii-octh
Prince Sade: What you say
Redneck: I said get off my property fool
Prince Sade: Here take this here's a 40 year old molded Daiper that you can suck for the rest of your LIFE!!!!!!!!!...ya Dam Rednecks
by Prince Sade June 18, 2009
A state in the Northeast that is an abosolute waste of land. Pennsylvania all it has is coal corn and cities nothing else. Let me give you some advice if you want to be a big state of shit go be greedy somewhere else.
Loser 1: You want to go to an cornfield
Prince Sade: Hell NO!!! y would i want to do that
Loser 1: You want to be Fat
Prince Sade: No shut up! Pennsylvania
Loser 1: You want some COAL
Prince Sade: >:( What the Hell is worng with you
by Prince Sade June 18, 2009
Freshmen are snot nosed butt holes who think they're the shit when about 50% them actually smell like shit. Freshmen goof around too much that's why most of them can even handle a 1 page essay. Then they start crying about it like little piggies. When a Freshman tries to be tough all you got to do is dip them in a toilet with a bowl full of pesticides yea!!! that will do it. haha
Freshmen: Hey did you watch the teletubies last night.
Prince Sade: No unfortunately I don't do cuddle hugs.
Freshman: Aww you need one hehe
Prince Sade: Aww you wanna die
Freshman: you meanie!!!!
Prince Sade: yea that's right go drown yourself in a bowl of pesticides and sing the song Teletubies, Teletubies say HELL NO!! UH-OHHHHH.
by Prince Sade June 19, 2009

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