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Someone from Armenia, or with Armenian heritage. That's it.
They aren't all intelligent, passionate, powerful, obnoxious, loud, ugly, or anything else simply because they are Armenian. They're human beings like you or me, there's good and bad ones just like in every ethnicity.
Idiot 1: Armenians are powerful, intelligent, and articulate!
Idiot 2: NO! Armenians are loud, annoying, and smell bad!
Sane person: You're both dumbasses.

Sid Haig is Armenian, and a great actor. The two are not related.
by Primo Jonez August 25, 2007
A kinky name Peter Griffin likes to be called while getting his back scratched with a matchbook. His wife Lois won't call him by this name though.
Taken from a gag from the TV show Family Guy near the end of the episode "E Peterbus Unum"
"Every night when you get home from work I'll scratch your back with a matchbook like you like"
"Awww Lois....Will you call me Big Rudy when you do it?"
by Primo Jonez August 25, 2007
A crass pickup line, typically directed at girls with the name Bridget (for the "Bridge" effect), but can apply to any girl (or guy if that's your bag). Means "I'd like to spread your buttcheeks apart and stick my male sex organ in your anus."
Man: What's your name, cutie?
Woman: Bridget.
Man: Oh yeah? I'd like to bridge your buns right open.
*Man gets a drink in the face and a hard kick in the crotch*

Meaghan's a waffle crapper, I'd bridge her buns right open.
by Primo Jonez August 26, 2007
A cigarette to be smoked immediately after smoking cannabis, to cover up the smell of weed with good old legal tobacco.
After Josh and I hotboxed his room, we lit some cover sticks so his mom wouldn't know we smoked weed in there
by Primo Jonez August 23, 2007
The lovably pathetic father figure in the comic strip Foxtrot. He is 45 years old, a graduate of Willot college, works as a corporate slave for a man named JP Pembrook, is married to Andy Fox with whom he has 3 children, Peter, Paige and Jason. He is known to have a voracious appetite, a trait passed to Peter, and has been hinted to eat whole blocks of cheddar cheese in a single sitting, as well as matching his age in platefuls of food during Thanksgiving dinner. He is a favorite character of many Foxtrot fans for his (at times) Homer-esque lapses of judgement, including such antics as locking himself and Andy out of their house accidently during a snowstorm, flooding the entire main floor of the house while attempting to run the dishwasher, and being suckered into the "Willy Millions Rags-to-riches program", which turned out to be nothing more than an expensive TV scam.
Running gags involving Roger Fox include:
-Playing catch with Peter and getting knocked out with the ball.
-His insatiable hunger
-His rather poor skills at the game of golf
-Being completely inept at computer use
For these reasons and more, Roger Fox is my favorite character in the Foxtrot strip.
by Primo Jonez August 25, 2007
Roger Fox's boss in the comic strip Foxtrot. Although largely a supporting character, he is a source of many good jokes. His face is never seen, and usually all that can be seen are his hands, which he holds together with the thumbs up on his desk. He is apparently intimidating and somewhat corrupt, forcing Roger to do things he doesn't believe are right, including making data to justify a large pay increase for himself while the company is in debt and laying off workers, and even making poor Roger dress up as a clown and entertain at his son JP Jr.'s birthday party, which resulted in a "radio controlled plane incident" and an injury to Roger's nose.
"When JP Pembrook tells you to do something, you DO IT!" - Roger Fox
by Primo Jonez August 25, 2007

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