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exclaimation of great misfortune.

first used when i dropped a bottle of indian ink on a carpet and came out of my mouth without any cognitive effort on my part. It literally invented itself and has since been well worth the cost of some hardwood flooring.

(face it, 'gosh darn it, ive ruined another carpet' -it's just never gonna happen.)
youve scratched my car fuckdammit.
by Primer Grey November 17, 2004
Rhyming slang for 'goer'. based on the surname of Bauhaus architect Ludwig Mies Van Der Röhe (see model king)

origin: Swindon School of Art, c. mid 90s
'Hey man, your friend's a total Mies, how's about you putting in a word eh?'
by Primer Grey November 09, 2004
a thing that makes one gutted
you've only got a week to live? jeez, what a gutner.
by Primer Grey November 17, 2004
Architect of particular skill in the manufacture of scale models.

In broader use, anyone who spends a lot of time on a particularly fiddley project.
'hey get out more, model king'
by Primer Grey November 09, 2004
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