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A phrase used to describe a woman's "best" male friend. In most cases the male in question is not homosexual. The friend is described as Gay to emphasize the fact that, although he is awfully close to the woman, he does not, and will never, be more than a friend to her. In most cases he couldn't be more than a Gay Friend even if he tried.

Being a Gay Friend is not an insult unless the friend in question wants to be something more. In that case he's fucked anyway (figuratively speaking).

A true Gay Friend is completely accepting and aware of his situation. He has no romantic feelings for the woman, and can be trusted to look out for her welfare in the absence of her significant other. In the best of scenarios the Gay Friend is good friends with that significant other, otherwise things tend to get awkward or confrontational. Gay Friends tend to get confrontational in general, they are overly mistrusting of the woman's other male friends, critically judging the motives behind their actions and noticing discrepancies in their attitude based on who is nearby.

In extreme cases he even doubts the sexuality of actual homosexuals, likely due to jealousy. A woman can only have one true Gay Friend, and each one fears being discarded for someone who doesn't have her best interest at heart.
Nick (NOT GAY): *Looks around, does not see Sarahh's boyfriend* Hi Sarah! *Gives Sarahh an unwarranted and too long hug* I haven't seen you since, like, thirty seconds ago.

Dale (Gay Friend {but also NOT GAY}): *Angry glare full of mistrust*

Nick: What? It's just a hug.

Dale: Yeah, and that's just like a penis, but smaller. Leave Sarahh alone Pie Grinder.

*Nick walks away. Not because he cares what Dale says, but because Sarahh's boyfriend is coming back and he's a pussy ass cock-knot.*
by PrimeEvils January 17, 2010
To give head to a woman on her period. Afterward one usually looks up at his partner so she can see the blood dripping from the corners of his mouth.
Shortly after angel kisses

Girl: You have blood all over you!

Boy: I'm sorry Baby

Girl: No, I Like it!
by PrimeEvils March 13, 2010

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