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Prime 5 is hott, whoever wrote the last defintion is a jealous wannabe who deosnt know how to spell. Buy a spelling book and a life and if you dont like the Prime 5 leave GC
~Any girl who is friends with the Prime 5 must be hott

~ If your talking shit your just jealous
by Prime 5 Is cool March 28, 2005
Baby John is the coolest kid in GC, so hes like 12 now and we should stop claling him Baby John but hes still got it going on
Baby John has got it going on!

Baby John ( to the tune of Staceys Mom)

Baby John has got it going on x4
Erin can I come over after school, after school
We could hang around or go to the Garden City Pool
Did John get back from his baseball game?
Is he home, or does he think Im lame?
You know hes not the little boy that he used to be
Hes all grown up now Terence cant you see
Baby John has got it going on
Hes all I want and I've waited for so long
Terence cant you see your just not the boys for me
I know it might be wrong but Im in lov with Baby John
by Prime 5 Is cool March 28, 2005

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