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A superficial, self-absorbed primate who's sole intent in life is to look at himself with incredible awe, and bask in his own shining glory. Typically a Delta Bravo can be seen hanging out at Ambercrombie & Fitch with his "Bro's," calling everyone dude, talking about the 'chick' that he scored with in the locker room last night and how he thought she was chubby for an anorexic, and constantly misusing the word 'literally.' Approach with extreme caution; a Delta Bravo is extremely aggressive toward any male whom it sees a a challenge to his own magnificence, toward any male that he sees as inferior, or any woman in general, whom they immediately judge and objectify or devalue because she's not attractive enough. The oldest living specimen of a Delta Bravo is Mike Jeffries, CEO of A&F, who's sole purpose in life is to fill his store with only attractive, skinny, cool people, so he can further the culture of objectification.
"Do you see that pack of Delta Bravo's over there? I just heard one of them complain that he had to drive his Dad's BMW because his Porsche is in the shop."
by Priest81 May 08, 2013

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