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1 definition by Pretz da G

the place to be!
A common perseption that it is the roughest area around but its really a area full of Gz and so on =]
It aint dat dangerous unless u luk abit dodgy and der aint as many roberies/break ins as outsiders think =]
Bob- Well i dont need an alarm system becuase i live in Sutton Coldfield yno...the posh side of birmingham but i understand why you will need one

Raj- And why is that?

Bob- Well..you live in Handsworth dont no...

Raj- And your point being...

Bob- Handsworth is not the soundest place in Birmingham is it...full of Druggies,Freaks and Gangs.

Raj-whispers bloody bastaaaard
by Pretz da G January 27, 2008