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-Raise your hands above your head in a claw-like fashion and move extremely slow towards the person whom you are attacking. Continue to attack the person by moving your feet up and down extremely slow until your face is right in front of your victim's chest. Continue by slowly raising your right arm over the victim's left shoulder and around their back. Next put your left arm over the victim's right shoulder and around their back so that you can lift yourself. Finally, wrap both legs around the victim extremely slowly, then slide down their body until you land on the floor.

-This is basically just a funny thing to do, and you will definitely get people to laugh, as long as you move very slowly towards them and wrap them up completely.
Johnny made the group laugh when he did a sloth attack on Jim.
by Preston Stell May 30, 2007
-A person takes both of their arms and raises them above his/her head and slaps both of their hands together as if giving someone a high-five.

-The idea is that someone like a home-schooler wants to give someone a high-five when they get a math problem right, but there is no one around so they have to give themselves the high-five.
Isaac, that was such a dumb joke! You should give yourself a home-school high-five!
by Preston Stell May 30, 2007
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