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!!!THE BEST STORE IN THE MALL!!! The people that hate pac sun are weird O's! If you have never been into PAC SUN you should it is the best store EVER!!!!
peep 1:Let's go shopping at pac sun
peep 2:Kewl, it is the best store ever I can get surfer/sk8er clothes there!
Peep 1:Yeah, I know
by Presley June 11, 2005
Hollister and Abercrombie are the BEST STORES EVER!
OMG!!! I just bought 2 new shirts from hollister & Abercrombie! They were so much $money$ but, OH WELL, I am RICH, so I can PAY for them!!!
by Presley June 11, 2005
A store that has things that cost a bunch of $cha-ching$
1: Look at my new Von Dutch trucker hat!
2: That hat is so kewl i gotta get 1!
by Presley June 11, 2005

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