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1 definition by President of New Ireland

A man who is a crack-shot with any firearm, proficient with throwing knives and unarmed combat. This is also a serious bad ass who won't start the fight, but will sure as hell finish it. He has won every fight he ever fought. Ryan is a survivalist who is prepared for anything, be it nuclear attack, chemical/biological attack, anarchy, or brought on by the extremely unlikely occurrnce of zombies. He is a good friend who will back you up if your in a pickle, but do not piss him off, as he is dead serious and dosent soon forget. He knows the liberals are going to destroy society. A common quote: "Fuck the world, let it burn!"
-Man, I wish I had a friend like Ryan
-I sure don't want to get on Ryan's badside
by President of New Ireland May 10, 2010