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The power of the former Iraqi dictator and Bush business partner over arab nations also SADDAM MIGHT;an intimate male partner and lover of Mr. Hussein;a person or people that Saddam Hussein "jerked around";a homosexual of either gender;a type of arachnid found in Saddam`s beard and on his body when captured by U.S. forces.
Damn Cletis,THOSE itty-bitty SADDAMITES,itch worse then them "crotch-crickets"Mary Ann Mc Allister gave me 5 years back in Jackson.
by Prescott Shrub II December 14, 2003
A homosexual act;what BUSH will commit on Hussein;Hussein`s 2 favorite people (saddam me);a nasty act;an act that Muslim martyrs will get to practice on virgin boys when they are "cast" into Muslim paradise; the act devils will perpetrate on Muslim martyrs,when the arrive in Muslim paradise.
Boy there sure is` gonna` be alot of SADDAMY committed when those dead Iraqi soldiers hit Hell.
by Prescott Shrub II December 14, 2003
A crab louse the size of a Buick;anything moving in or around your groin that ain`t part of you;the name of a punk-rock band.
Damn Cletis, I caught a dose of CROTCH-CRICKETS once that reminded me of a herd of buffalo.
by Prescott Shrub II December 14, 2003

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