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Preps are those who are refined and sophisticated individuals. They are usually well-off, but their money comes from a long line of wealth. All preps are considered "old money;" their grandparents attended college. They may not be extremely wealthy, but their family/relatives are refined and come from a long line a "blue blood." Lacoste, Polo by Ralph Lauren, Jcrew, LL Bean, and Brooks Brothers are the only brands worn by true preps (with few exceptions: including rainbow sandals). Preps in the south tend to go to small private colleges or universities such as UVa or Wake Forest. Preps often belong to the local country club, drive nice cars (but aren't "showy" with their wealth, everyone already knows; they have no need to talk about money constantly). Most preps are extremely intelligent and most are athletic. They play sports such as tennis, golf, racquetball, and squash; country club sports. They DO NOT listen to rap nor do they "fix" up their cars. A true prep drives a BMW, Jaguar, Volvo, Mercedes, or Porsche, and blasts Dave Matthews or OAR. Preps are somewhat snobby and are usually friends with other preps, but it's natural for preps to surround themselves with people of similar standing. Preps attend numerous "black tie events" and often go to colleges where suits are worn to all football games. So when you see a fake prep decked in Abercrombie and Fitch and in their "suped-up" cars politely laugh under your breath.
"Hurry up Bradford! We're going to be late for the DMB concert! I'll be waiting in the BMW!"
by Prep4life August 02, 2004
why be anything else? it's a great ass life, and those who aren't preps are just jealous! :)
"Hurry Up Bradford, I'll be in the BMW so we can go pick up the new DMB cd"
by Prep4Life May 16, 2004

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