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Preptalk is the art of talking somewhat monosyllabically and in an exaggerated, deep, manly voice. It is usually used by people classified as "preps" to make fun of others. Some people who do not use preptalk on a regular basis make fun of the people by using it to insult them back. Users who use preptalk for insults may say the last name of the insultee before the insult. At first it is hard to understand, but after it is overused, it becomes much easier to comprehend. The use of preptalk makes the user look like an idiot and may be accompanied by grammar errors.
2) *BIG--QUEE (This is a common grammar error made by users.)
3) *HO--MO

*-said in a loud, obnoxious, deep-voiced tone (all preptalk is said like this)
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by Prep Hater September 30, 2007
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