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As inhabitants of the largest City in the North-East, we have the right to boast over our smaller, inferior neighbours. We support Sunderland who are currently the only North-East side to play in the Premier League, and have recently been made one of the richest teams in England due to our takeover. We also beat Newcastle in the English Civil War, whereby the (Jawwwwdeeez. Correct term: Geordies), have became bitter and obsessed with their superior neighbour. Mackems can also be understood a lot easier by outsiders as opposed to geordies, who speak similarly to apes, often giving grunt noises as they go to collect their dole money that they have sat all week for in the house. Anyone who has read the Viz magazine will realise Biffa Bacon is your typical Geordie.
Mackems are easier to understand as follows:

Newcastle fan 1: Wor al' is deein' shite like isn't he?
Newcastle fan 2: Divven' stort with big al' like or al' smash ya mooth in bonny lad.

Sunderland fan 1: Alreet mate, what do you think of our prosperous Premiership side?
Sunderland fan 2: Mint mate, feel sorry for those Geordies next season havin' to travel to Plymouth and stuff.
Sunderland fan 1: Serves those bastards right for being cocky last time we went down.
by PremierSunderland May 27, 2009

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