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My favourite dessert....mmmm....chessecake...

A base of crushed digestive biscuits mixed with butter, then a layer of cream-cheese, then topped with normally a fruit fruity / syrup-type topping.

The best ever has to be Lemon Cheesecake.
"Hey, got a call from that fit bird you like, she wants you now..!"

"She'll have to wait until I've finished my cheesecake.."
by Prem Shah September 20, 2006
A great idea that led to lots of fun for the US and UK soldiers.
Managed to whoop Saddam's ass and find him hiding in a hole.
For some stupid reason most Brits were against to war, blaming the lie about WMDs. Presumably they'd have preferred Saddam still there and his sons raping the women and children of Iraq as they did. I dispair at my country sometimes...
"why are you angry at the government?"
"what about it?"
"it was illegal and wrong" (just saying what everyone else does)
"what, so you would have been happier with saddam still in power and the people of Iraq living a shit life, then?"
"errrr....oh.....uhmmmm.....i'm a thick shit aren't I?"
by Prem Shah September 14, 2006

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