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To "fade" someone is essentially the same as beating someone, be it singularly or in a group. The phrase "run a fade" is usually used during a confrontation, or if the confrontation is planned. To "run" said fade means that the belligerent parties will meet at another location to fight, or if one party is asking the other if they want the fight to start right then and there.
"I ain't even playin' with you or your boys' shit no more. You wanna run a fade or not?"
by PregnantPickle October 16, 2005
A pookie, also referred to as a 'pookie-head', is someone who takes MDMA, also known as 'rolls' or 'ecstacy', in excessive amounts. Pookies incur a large spectrum of symptoms, including incessant talk of the last time they 'rolled', a psychological addiction to MDMA itself, showing off the fact that they take MDMA by wearing pacifiers, etc. Eventually, a severe pookie seems to be out of touch with the world in terms of reality and happiness. They seem drawn out, only awaiting the next time they take Ecstacy.
"That pookie Mike asked me to roll with him on Saturday, he said he's got this hotel room set up. Didn't he just roll last weekend?"
by PregnantPickle October 12, 2005
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