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A sufficient tool in the right hands. Not the most accurate, but it does not matter if you can hit things 800m away with an XXX-456dx assault rifle nom de guerre. Either will do at CQB ranges.
Don't let the politicians or the media try to take them away, because if you don't have them, they will. Just like in Sierra Leone, they would chop off hands of those who voted (pun not intended).
In Vietnam, certain covert U.S. military units used AK47 rifles due to the ability to blend in with indigenous groups, use captured ammunition, and not give away their positions by the different sound signature(s) of the M16, Stoners and HK 5.56mm weapons they were known to use.
For the people who keep saying that they'll use their "baby M4" any day, but have actually never touched any gun except an airsoft, halt mal. I would prefer any firearm over none at any given time when in a conflict zone, and if an AK is there, then that is what I will use.
by PreachyConstitutionalist February 09, 2008

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