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The act of one bro sucking off another bro. Typically, when one frat boy is feeling down and out for whatever reason, a male friend will be kind enough to step up and offer broral. Often perceived as a homosexual act by those who are ignorant as to the entirely non-sexual bond that two straight bros can share.
Brad: Dude, my girlfriend broke up with me. Said I spent too much time out drinking with my bros and not enough time with her.

Chad: Man, to hell with that bitch. I know what'll cheer you up. Go sit on that couch real quick.

Brad: Dude, bro, whats goi- OHHHH YEEEAAAHHH BRORAL!.

Chad: I'll even swallow to show you how tight we are. I'm not gay or anything, though.

Brad: Oh yeah, that goes without saying. Now keep sucking.
by PrawnGuy January 31, 2012
A friendly male bonding gesture in which a man thrusts his penis into another man's anus. Similar to brofist, only more meaningful and significant, usually reserved for occasions where a man has done something especially great or awesome enough to warrant a bropump.
Dave: Hey bro, I was at Best Buy today and got you a copy of Battlefield: Bad Company 3 so that you and I can play together. I know money is tight for you right now, but hopefully this will bring you some enjoyment.

Steve: Holy shit, bro!! You serious?! Thanks a lot, that's awesome!! Brofist! No... wait... this calls for something greater. Get over here and unzip your pants real quick!

Dave: Um, what?

Steve: Bropump, man, bropump!! Hell yeah! Hurry up, while I'm still hard.

Dave: Uh, Steve, doesn't that seem kinda gay to you?

Steve: Nah bro nah, not gay at all, just showing you some appreciation. I'm straight, you're straight. I've done this plenty of times with my other bros.
by PrawnGuy July 25, 2011

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