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When one is ill-stricken to the point where bodily functions are failing and one's sexual life is constantly excused due to uncontrollable coughs, runny noses, sneezes, etc.
*Boy and Girl lean in for a kiss*
*Boy coughs*
*Girl leans back*
Boy: Aww man. I just totally got coughblocked.

*Boy and Girl are having sex*
*Boy sneezes in Girl's face*
Girl: That was a huge turn off. I'm leaving.
Boy: Aww man. I just totally got coughblocked. Again!
by Prautt August 07, 2010
A person who does not know what he/she is being called or labelled as.
Eric: "You're such a Burjeen!"
Victim: "Uhh what's that?"
Eric: "Ha! I proved my point."
by Prautt August 18, 2010

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