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The 2/7 compromise was established in 1818, to allow residents of the state known as Illinois to be considered partial people. The compromise was created after much arguing in meeting with Illinois and Wisconsin residents. (although most of the arguing was between the FIBs). After 14 days of nonstop meetings, the 2/7 compromise was created. Although many Wisconsin residents disagreed with allowing them privileges, the majority of them agreed that they need a couple rights.

The 2/7 compromise includes the following rights to FIBs:
* The right to drive on Wisconsin freeways, but must pay speeding tickets regularly.

* The right to vote in Illinois State elections.
* The right to Kenosha.
* The right to visit Mars Cheese Castle.

Although these rights were established to allow Illinois residents to be considered partial people, it does not cover FIBs from Itasca. Unfortunately they were unable to show at the meeting and thus were not allowed to take part in the compromise.
-Why is that FIB driving on I94
-They won that in the 2/7 Compromise
- Oh yeah that's right.
by Power Play January 24, 2011

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