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A religion that teaches that its followers will eventually rule the world, and thus take credit for destroying the Soviet Union, when Ronald Reagan was in fact responsible. They think that the destruction of America is in their future, and will never cease their attack on the West and America. Thus, they need to be persuaded that their doctrine is wrong if they are ever to stop their attacks on America.
BTW, the followers of Islam, the Muslims, do NOT believe in the same God as the Christians do. Christians believe in the Godhead, or Trinity. Muslims believe in a unitarian god, which they call Allah.
by PowellRanger August 21, 2006
A policy debate proverb for those who run too many generic topicality arguments. A spoof on, "Every time you masturbate, God kills a kitten."
2A: Shit, they ran substantial is without material qualifications again. What should I do?
1A: Just read the block. " Every time you run generic T, God kills a kitten , thus, the neg's argument caused the death of a kitten, constituting cruelty to animals, which violates our deontological framework and should not be considered in the round. This slaughter of kittens cannot continue any longer. Vote aff on abuse of kittens."
by PowellRanger August 17, 2006
A group of policy debaters whose names are also definitions of words on urbandictionary.
Fadi was dejected because his girlfriend didn't like him. "Why doesn't Jamie like me?" he thought. "I don't have Ed. I always use a Jimmy-hat. She loves it when I get a Rahul, or a Mason. She says it looks like a Sam, and she loves to get JB'd. I've never been a Chunbum to her. What's wrong with me?"

Just then, Andrew entered the room, with Kyle and Robert in tow, all yelling. Fadi finally quieted the din.
"What happened?" he asked.
"Kyle and Robert, in an attemped to get free cable, Micah-sized your TV."
"What the hell? Kyle!"
As Fadi chased Kyle and Robert out of the room, Andrew chuckled to himself.
"Nobody likes Fadi because he never has any good Harrison around," he said with a laugh.

I hope you enjoyed the story of the MBA debate team. Check the links if you get mixed up.
by PowellRanger August 21, 2006
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