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The alter ego of the infamous Oakland Raides that always seem to Choke and Fade in the latter part of any football season
The Oakland Raiders started the season in first place at 4 and 0, but choked out half way through the season and faded to last place in the division.
by Powder December 05, 2002
the sweat between your hot dog and your chocolate starfish
Man, my crease grease is really kickin right now
by powder May 21, 2004
1. the undisputed distance king of the world of swimming...also known as Wilson
2. will kick Eric Andreson's ass at least once this season, and anyone else that talks shit like Sammy
1. Powder: Hi my name is Andrew.
Tim: Don't believe him its really Powder.
Girl: Really?
Powder: OKay, ya got me, it's really Powder.

2. Eric talked shit on Powder, and Powder turned around and pimp slapped the shit out of him.
by Powder April 13, 2005
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