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A group of young men who believe in upholding their beliefs by camping out lots, not sticking to fashion labels, shopping at charity shops, worshiping nature and being psychedelic
jonny - today is the first day that i name you all the tramps
tramps - wow dude thats so cool lets go hug treeS!
jonny - sounds smooth
by Poulson June 07, 2005
a person who can make their penis fart
chris - luke do a hancock
luke - i cant do a hancock man only jonny can do that trick
jonny - *squelsh*
luke + chris - ARGHHHHHHHH
by Poulson June 07, 2005
describes something good, also is said after taking a large swig of strong spirit
luke - i bet you cant down this flaming absynthe
scott - i bet i can!
luke - wow dude you did it
by Poulson June 07, 2005
a human with fish like qualities
luke - look its murf
joanne - isnt that a fish?
luke - fiiiiiiiiiishy lips
by Poulson June 07, 2005

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