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high as fuck...nuder inluence of WEED...high in the sky
i got baked today with my firedn, i almost passed out
by pothead August 06, 2003
adj. Term used to describe low grade marijuana. This type of marijuana is usually brown, seedy, dry. The term is also used by many pot heads to describe anything that is low grade.
noun. low grade marijuana
adj- Ewww this schwag ass weed tastes horrible and it didnt get me very high.
noun- I hate smoking schwag, but i cant get any dank right now so i guess i'll have to.
by PotHead April 28, 2003
high off ur ass.
the best thing in the world.
me, rite now
i just hit my bowl and i madd ripped
by pothead October 11, 2003
another one of marilyn manson's sick, twisted, yet amazing lyrics
"white trash get down on your knees, time for cake and sodomy!"
by Pothead April 17, 2005
A bag of weed that you either got for free, already made back your money on, or got for free. You are happy because the entire thing can be smoked free of charge for yourself
I bought a quarter pound, sold some, when all was said and done I made back my money and had an ounce for a happy bag.
by pothead January 06, 2004
a loser wh thinks that school is cool
hey look at the GreatestThinkerEver he is passing everything
by Pothead January 13, 2005
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