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A virtual pet website, similar to Neopets, where you can have 12 pets, and the pets can /actually/ die. It's fun, and a lot less crowded, so there more more "in touch" staff members who WILL listen. They are sort of like Neopets when it first began, where the staff cared about the users. Since there is only about a max of 500 people online, Staff can help you if you are frozen, or banned, or scammed. Other users often help others, with quests and whatnot, and everyone is pretty nice ^-^. Since there are separate chats for off topic, and general chat, the help chat, and all other chats aren't overrun by stupid people asking others to "RATE MY PICSHUREE". The staff are real users, who worked their way up to staff by helping other people out. I really admire their effort to be as nice and helpful to the users, and they do a good job, despite the occasional error... and down for maintenence pages. They aren't exactly rich, and it is run by a 17 year old after all =P. Don't get me wrong, I love neopets, and I used to be an avid player. But they froze my whole family's accounts because of a false reasona nd now it doesn't seem as appealing because TNT is just a team of people who care just about how much money they can get from sponsor games and ads.

All in all, Marapets is funner, more laid back, not as strict and uptight as Neopets :]. If you have time to kill, join mara ^^

* There's also an operation portal there, which is like the lab ray which you can use once a day for free :o
** 12 pets =D
*** SO much easier to RS XD (restocks every 10 minutes exactly)

Yeah, when I'm there I feel so much more successful.
It might look like a copy of Neopets but there's a lot of things on Marapets that Neopets doesn't have

Such as a team that cares for the users! :D
by Potatoe Queen March 13, 2006

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