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This is a person that does quests for money. (see also questitution. This may mean literal quests but this is hard to accomplish now-a-days due to lack of availability,it most often refers to a video-gaming quest. These individuals create a video-gaming account only planning to level it up an then sell it. This act most often plagues white, male, 30 year olds that live in their parents basement and in 2009 lost their jobs at circuit city.
Hey, Stuart are you a level 25 guilded-elven gnome yet in World Of Warraft.
No man I sold that to an interracial couple last week.
SHIT BRO you are such a QUESTITUTE.
I know but what ever gets me that dough.
by PotatoFaceKilla January 24, 2009
This is the act of going on quest for money, most often in a video-game setting. This is where someone plays a video game and levels up only to sell that name of account later. See also questitute
ElvenWarRioR23: Im gonna take park in some Questitution in World Of Warraft to pay for a new Cell Phone

SwordWIELDer4445: WTF... you don't have any friends to call
by PotatoFaceKilla January 25, 2009

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